We are a company that is built up on understanding fish care in the UAE and we proud now to be the agents for some great professional aquatic brands.  Our products are aimed towards to the beginner to the professional fish-keeper. All of our products are well known in Europe and the United States; and we purposely did research to find the products that consumers were demanding in the UAE.
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Please call us at Tel : 800 Aquaria for any inquiries or email info@petsplus.ae


New Era Aquaculture are a UK company that specialise in aquarium food; their product range is aim for marine and freshwater species. They have already have a strong present in the European and US pet market and supply public aquariums around the world, such as Dubai Mall UAE, Georgia Aquarium, US.


timthumb (3)AQUA ONE
Aqua One is an Australian brand that specialise in aquarium pond and reptile products; their product range from aquariums, foods, filters and heaters.www.aquaone.co.uk



timthumb (4)TROPIC MARINE
Tropic Marine is a company based in Germany and is a market leader for marine fish-keeping; there company has a professional range of products ranging from additives, aquarium salt to test-kits.



Aquarium Munster is a company based in Germany, they have a great range for freshwater to saltwater aquarium; they specialize in aquarium medications and food.



timthumb (6)MARINE SOURCES
Marine Sources specialise in high quality and exceptional performance skimmers, they also do Red Devil pumps, reactors, calcium reactors and bio-pellet reactor.



timthumb (7)BUBBLE MAGUS
Bubble Magus is an international known brand for skimmers and other related marine equipment, such as dosers, nitrate reductors, pumps, turtle shell lampshade for halides and calcium reactors.



timthumb (8)SKIMZ
Skimz are a Singaporean company, they use the best material and latest technology of manufacturing aquarium equipment; they do skimmers, reactors ibox Nanos tanks and more products.


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