Pets Plus is the retail arm of Underwater Environments Aquariums and houses our renowned Aquatics departments. Whether your interested in keeping fish indoors or outdoors and no matter what level of fish-keeping our experience staff are here to help and advice you on aquarium and pond care. Pets Plus Aquatic centres aims to provide everything a fish-keeper may need in the UAE. Our centres have a wide variety of aquatic choice and stock leading aquatic brands and specialist equipment.

Our marine section has hundreds of different species of fish and we regularly import fish from around the world. We believe in conservation, sustainable fish keeping and try to use tank breed fish whenever possible. We have an extensive range of invertebrates, soft corals, LPS and SPS, anemones and frags.

Our freshwater section has a wide range of community fish and goldfish. We specialise in providing highbred discus and also stock African Cichlids, South and Central American Cichlids and Koi. Pets Plus Aquatics centres provide a large range of aquatic plants, for cold and tropical water aquariums.

We believe in quarantining all of our fish before sell. We have a new state of the art quarantine facility, to ensure all of our fish are healthy and happy before sale.

Please call us at Tel : 800 Aquaria for any inquiries.

timthumbSheikh Zayed Road Aquatic Showroom is the largest aquatic shop in the region, equipped with state of the art fresh water and marine systems housing a large range of fresh water fish, plants, marine fish, invertebrates and corals brought in from all over the world from Hawaii to the far east, it has a magnificent 5-meter show aquarium with many rare marine fish and inverts showcasing best practice fish keeping, also has a full range of fish food, accessories and ready made aquariums of all sizes and shapes, specialized equipment and an aquatic design center for custom made aquaria.
Call us on 800 Aquaria



timthumb (1)Al Barsha Aquatic Center is a dedicated fish lover outlet where all the experts of the hobby come together, recently renovated and the first of our advanced aquatic shops in the UAE with a range of fish and corals (soft, LPS, SPS), aquariums, food, accessories and much more..
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timthumb (2)The JLT fish room housing fresh water fish, plants, marine fish and corals, lots of accessories and ready made aquariums.





timthumb (2)Jumeirah fish house is the best fish shop in jumeirah displaying a range of fresh water fish, plants, marine fish and corals, lots of accessories and ready made aquariums.


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