Underwater Environments Aquariums by Pets Plus is the leading company in the UAE for aquarium and pond installation projects and maintenance. We bring natural beauty into your living or work environment.

Imagine gazing into a window that offers a breathtaking view into an underwater world brimming with marine life, a clip from a river in an Amazonian rain forest or a shallow reef full of colorful corals. Whether you want a small stand-alone, or a built-in wall-to-wall high-end aquarium display, or a relaxing unique water feature for your business or residence, we can make it a reality.

Our approach takes your concepts into reality, we personally oversee every side of the project. We create your concept into a vision with sketches, 3D modeling to give you an insight of how you aquarium will look before it has been constructed. We work closely with interior designers and contractors to make sure the aquarium fits seamlessly within the design layout.

Our team of experienced staff and fish experts provides innovative designs and layouts, with a strong after sales maintenance service; supported by our full retail departments.

Please call us at Tel : 800 Aquaria for any inquiries.


Our Mega Projects