Aqua reef range of advanced marine aquariums come in a range of sizese and shapes, and the best way to start a fantastic marine environment with this plug and play complete solution.

The Aqua One AquaReef is a sophisticated marine system that has been rigorously designed and tested to ensure that your marine setup will run efficiently and provide you with exceptional water quality! The AquaReef contains an inbuilt sump filtration system housed within the cabinet, eliminating unsightly piping running from the outside of the tank to the filter unit. The cabinet contains no back panels, thereby promoting air movement in and out of the cabinet to reduce heat and humidity buildup.

The sump provides two stages of filtration, wet/dry filter with a protein skimmer. The wet/dry filter contains bio-balls and a filter sponge. The sponge removes particulate waste and helps to clarify the water; the bioballs provide a surface area for bacteria. The large space within and between bio-balls as well as the partial elevation above water level allows oxygen to be drawn from the surrounding air meaning they will not deplete the oxygen content of the aquarium water as some other biological filter media will.

The protein skimmer uses foam refraction to remove protein based organics from the water before they end up as nitrates, which is vitally important when maintaining reef aquariums or aquariums that house delicate fish species.

The AquaReef aquarium range also includes four T5 light tubes (2 Sunlight and 2 marine blue tubes). These tubes are designed to provide a balanced, visually pleasing spectrum while providing the necessary spectrum for coral.

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